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Fynbos is the designation for the ecosystem of the cape region in South Africa. More than 9000 plant species can be found here, more than in the Amazonas rain forest. Furthermore, more than 70 % of them are endemic, they only appear in this region and nowhere else on earth. Also the fauna is special: Due to the meager soils, the plants grow smaller and also the animals are smaller than usual.


The diversity of exotic plants and the wild animals like apes, antilopes, ostriches or leopards make the Fynbos to an unknown territory for a visitor from north Europe.

This series contributed to the group exhibition UNBEKANNTES TERRAIN (UNKNOWN TERRITORY) of the 
Museum for Photography, Braunschweig (12.12.2002 - 17.1.2021).

The unfamiliarity of the landscape is itensified by presenting the photos in the museum's garden - highlighting the contrast with the well-known north European flora and the city's garden and park scenery.

Serie "Fynbos"
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